Search Process
Client & Industry Research
  • Administer a client survey so that we may learn about their products, services, and industry
  • Review both successful and failed marketing campaigns

Keyword Research
  • Perform hundreds of relevant queries to fully analyze the client space
  • Leverage our suite of language tools to create a comprehensive list of keywords that will best target potential visitors

Competitive Analysis
  • Review the search strategies of competitors to identify keyword and engine selection
  • Estimate relative breadth, depth and budget of competitors campaigns
  • Evaluate the total competition in the vertical to determine likelihood of success

Client Approval
  • Provide volume and price estimates for client's campaign prior to each launch
  • Obtain client approval on keywords, engines, and ad copy

Campaign Management
  • Utilize advanced tracking technology and highly trained account managers to provide the best results for our clients
  • Assign an account executive tasked with setting up and optimizing each campaign, as well as providing ongoing support and reporting

Campaign Reporting
  • Provide daily reports on campaign performance and monthly reports to demonstrate larger click and conversion trends including peak times or day and day of week, as well as the most effective ad copy used that month
  • Enables clients to learn valuable information about their site and offerings that extends well beyond the performance of their search effort

Tracking Technology
  • Allows clients to track clicks and conversions at up to three different points on a site
  • Posts data in real time and is accessible to clients 24/7 through a unique login
  • Offer technology to be white labeled so that clients may pass on this valuable resource to their advertisers under their own brand
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